Ursula Ward

Ursula Ward is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I lived for just over a year on Fayston St in Dorchester, MA until November 2017. Anytime I would tell people where I lived, they would every single time say “oh yeah, Fayston St is much better now, but back in the day…” And then every time I’d get a

story about a shoot out, or drugs or weapons being run out of various houses on the street.

Now understand the local weed dealer sold weed out of the parking lot attached to the house I was staying in. He and I had a run in once where I stood my ground, but there was a certain amount of respect he gave me because he knew I was a Minister. By the time I left, he and I were good friends.

But this isn’t about that, back to Ursula. You see, while you may not have heard of Ursula Ward you have probably heard of her son Odin Lloyd. And if his name sounds familiar but you aren’t sure why, it is because Odin was killed by New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez.

With all the pain and suffering Ursula has gone through, instead of being bitter or holding hatred for Aaron or the world or Gid, she forgave him long before he took his own life.

I talked to her shortly after Aaron committed suicide and she said that she was just glad that she had forgiven him, because that was not a burden she needed on her soul.


So let me tell you about the true nature of this woman. She volunteers to talk to youth groups, she feeds the homeless and hungry. Literally. She cooks every week and takes food to feed hundreds of people.

All the while struggling as a single mother and grandmother.

And now let me tell you about her Faith.

Every morning, and I mean every morning she sends out a text blast with a morning prayer. They are always encouraging, they are always self reflective, they are always grateful, and they are always loving.

This is the one from this morning:

Good morning God’s Lamb 🌺
It’s a highway to heaven no one can walk up there but the pure in heart, so let’s take a ride on that highway. Thank you Lord for blessing us with the blessings of life today. Lord please make our rough road smooth and forgiveness in our hearts. Lord help us to find a way where there is no way. May our troubles be less and our blessings be more today and nothing but happiness come through our door today. This a new day please don’t let us let yesterday’s failure ruin the beauty of today. Almighty God help us to continue pray for the people that do us wrong and give us strength to forgive them, like you forgave us.
🌺🌺Have a great day 🌺🌺

Ursula, you inspire me to be a better human being every day and I love you.

You ware truly blessed and highly favored, and the blessings are only just beginning.

I love you.


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