The God/Father Energy

The Male
The God
The Father
The Son
The Uncle
The Nephew
The Yang of Yin and Yang

Within a patriarchal white supremacist

model there’s no place for strong Black men. There’s no place for the “The Original Man is the Asiatic Black Man, the Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the Planet Earth, God of the Universe.” These words were written by Honorable Elijah Muhammad years ago in the book “Message to the Black Man.”

Except for the word Asiatic, this description is actually 100% accurate. And it is time for Black Men to reclaim their greatest, alongside their Goddesses, and stop being punked out by everyone.

But when Black folks reclaim their greatness, their rightful Godhood, that doesn’t mean we should look to oppress or suppress those who have looked to oppress and suppress us for so long, no, we are forgiving Gods and Goddesses. We should recognize that Whites are simply our children, who left Africa many millennia ago and were forced to live in very harsh conditions that caused a survival of the fittest mentality, which is destructive to a society/culture and now we can see to the world. There’s no I in Team.

We must get back in harmony with mother Nature (Neteru, one of the Egyptian words for Gods) we must get back in harmony within ourselves as individuals, and we must get back in harmony with each others as human beings.

Yin and Yang must become harmonious again, with the Gods and Goddesses of the Earth ruling the Earth once again.

And let me be clear, everyone has a path to Godhood. People of all races, creeds, religions, sexual orientations, etc etc… You just need to put in the work.

See my article on the Goddess Energy.

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