The Goddess/Matriarch

The Goddess
The Matriarch
The Mother
The Female
The Feminine
The Grandmother
The Nana
The Mom Mom
The Umma
The Ummi
The Aunt
The Niece
The Daughter
The Yin of Yin and Yang

This energy needs to be lifted up and put out in front.

In order to give an illustration of what this energy looks and feels like, let me tell you about my Grandmother Nana. My

mother’s mother.

She’s the most incredible person I’ve ever known. You see my grandmother was the Matriarch of the family, and everyone knew it. There was no question or doubt as to who was the head of the Clanton family, it was Theresa Clanton.

a woman who is the head of a family or tribe.
an older woman who is powerful within a family or organization.
“a domineering matriarch”

She kept us together as a family and ensured that we saw each other regularly. Thanksgiving was at her house. Christmas morning was at her house. When her children decided to buy a family home on Martha’s Vineyard she was encouraging and supportive.

Nana told it like it was, she knew no other way. She’d hug up on and kiss you as you walk through the door and then say in her next breath “you have gained weight.” Somehow she just knew that I was already self-conscious about it, she was always a step or two ahead. She was an Empath.

She was a deep woman of Faith and Spirituality. I can hear her to this day saying “Prayer is the key to the Kingdom and Faith will unlock the door.” Oh, how right you were Nana. She was a life long Baptist and sang in her church’s choir every Sunday.

She knew how to cut through whatever family drama might be going on, and bring people back together.

Nana was a simple woman from Tennessee who felt just as comfortable cleaning collard greens and pigs feet as she did sitting on the beach on Martha’s Vineyard hobnobbing with the Black Elite. And now that I’ve mentioned food, let me tell you about her cooking. And her baking. She could fry up some porgies like nobody’s business. 7-up cakes, sweet potato pies, macaroni and cheese, gravy, stuffing, there wasn’t a dish that Nana didn’t cook, and cook well.

Nana raised 5 children and was a working mother before the term was cool. She was a seamstress for the same company for years.

Her husband of more than 50 years Bill, Grandpa to me, knew her power and strength. I heard a story of a time they were driving down to DC, and as they were getting close he “offered” to take over the driving and bring them in. (the assumption is he wanted people to think he drove the whole way, not his wife.)

Well, Nana wasn’t having any of that…

I never saw Nana back down to anyone. She was loved and respected in the community, and had a great love and respect for all. Nana wasn’t hung up on some of the things others were hung up on. When my mother brought a White man home and announced she was pregnant out of wedlock, my understanding is she welcomed both my father and myself into the family with open arms. I certainly know I didn’t get treated any differently. I got the same love (and criticism) as everyone else.

Nana was a force.

Nana, we need you. Nana, we need you now more than ever. We need your energy, your Goddess energy to be our leaders, to be our mothers, to be our presidents and prime ministers, and we need both men and women to get in touch with your energy.

I know that if I gave you a PHD in Education and gave you a team of the smartest people, you would figure out how best to educate our children, for I know you love children so.

I know that if I unleash you on science and technology, your smarts and compassion will create new breakthroughs in areas we haven’t even dreamed to study yet.

Nana, I know that if you were given the opportunity to put the leaders of two warring nations or factions together, you’d be as likely as any other at encouraging them to come to a conclusion. Through your kind words and firm hand.

Come back Oh Nana and start to incarnate into men and women all over this Earth of ours.

And not just my Nana, but the Energy that Nana represents. The Goddess Energy.

Nana, I can feel you here with me now.

I love you.

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