Spiritual Science of Sex (SSS)

So I mentioned SSS, what is that?

First, when you look at the letters, what do you see? Snakes? Dollar signs? Well, both perhaps could be clues to what SSS is.


SSS stands for the Spiritual Science of Sex.

These are ancient secrets that have been passed down through the ages and until recently have not been available to the public.

Today these practices can still be found in the tradition of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, and what some call Sexual Kung Fu. It is this last one which is the basis for SSS.

While these traditions were kept within the Chinese culture, their origins are much older. Sexuality was an integral part of Ancient Egyptian mystery schools, one need not look any further than the God Min to see that.

The Aprons that are shown on the walls are raised as they are because the men are showing off their prowess and it is their erections that are causing them to rise.

These practices can achieve two goals. Well in reality there are multiple benefits but for now we’ll touch on just two. In simplest of terms you can learn to turn sexual energy in its raw form into spiritual energy. The second benefit it that love making will improve exponentially for both partners.

Men will learn to preserve their vital energy by learning how to separate an orgasm and ejaculation. They really are two different things, and this fact has been kept secret for ages.

The first step for men is to stop the flow of pee at least 3 times each time you urinate.

Women, do 100 times more kegel exercises than you’ve been doing. If you haven’t been doing any, get on it.

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  1. Im very very much is interested because i always knew the truth is out there but didn’t know where to look or how

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