Financial Literacy and Freedom Through Sabaean Bookstores

Financial Literacy and Freedom Through Sabaean Bookstores

Executive Summary:

Sabaean bookstores are a platform for spreading the teachings of Dr. Malachi Z. York and promoting financial literacy among its followers. The bookstores will offer a range of educational materials and resources, including workshops and seminars, to help individuals make informed decisions about their finances. In addition, the bookstores will sell life insurance through a partnership with Circle Financial, a leading provider of insurance products. This will provide a new revenue stream for the bookstores and help support their financial literacy initiatives.

Market Analysis:

The market for financial literacy programs has grown rapidly in recent years as people seek to better understand their finances and secure their financial future. The Sabaean community has shown a strong interest in financial literacy, making this an ideal target market for the bookstores. Furthermore, the partnership with Circle Financial will give the bookstores access to a large network of potential customers who are interested in life insurance.

Marketing and Sales Strategy:

The bookstores will utilize a variety of marketing and sales strategies to reach potential customers and drive revenue. This will include online marketing through social media and email campaigns, as well as in-store events and workshops. In addition, the partnership with Circle Financial will provide opportunities for joint marketing efforts, such as co-branded seminars and informational sessions.

Revenue Projections:

Assuming that the bookstores are able to help 100 people purchase life insurance policies through Circle Financial in the first year, we can expect the following revenue:

  • Commission income from life insurance sales: $100,000
  • Premiums from new policies: $10,000
  • Recurring income from policyholder dividends and interest: $5,000
  • Additional income from riders and living benefits: $2,500
  • Total revenue: $117,500

Startup Costs:

The estimated startup costs for the bookstores to begin offering financial literacy programs and selling life insurance include:

  • Marketing and advertising expenses: $1,000
  • Website development and maintenance: $500
  • Inventory and supplies: $300
  • Rent and utilities: Already being paid
  • Legal and insurance fees: $100
  • Total startup costs: $1,900

Financial Projections:

Assuming the startup costs are funded through a combination of personal investments and loans, we expect the bookstores to break even within the first year be profitable within the second and beyond. The following are the projected financials for the first three years of operation:

Year 1:

  • Revenue: $117,500
  • Expenses: $1,900
  • Profit: $115,600

Year 2:

  • Revenue: $235,000
  • Expenses: $19,000
  • Profit: $216,000

Year 3:

  • Revenue: $352,500
  • Expenses: $19,000
  • Profit: $333,500


The financial literacy programs run through Sabaean bookstores represent a unique opportunity to promote financial literacy among a passionate and engaged community. The partnership with Circle Financial provides a new revenue stream and helps support the financial literacy initiatives of the bookstores. With careful planning and execution, the bookstores can become a leader in this field and a valuable resource for their community.

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