Lunch with my friend Paul, the Trump Supporter

So as I suggested to others, I decided to sit and break bread with my friend Paul who is an ardent Trump supporter.

I thought the discussion was going to get into weeds of what he believed and what I believed, and we’d need a team of fact checkers just to be able to agree on whether it was Monday or Tuesday.

It was a completely different meeting.  We touched briefly on some of our areas of disagreement but I tried to focus on our areas of agreement.  He stated that he believed that everyone was created equal and any group espousing superiority (white supremacists, neo-nazis, etc) were flat out wrong.

But then something surprising happened.  He started to mention a few times to me that what ultimately mattered was the Law of Attraction.  Now I live my life by the Law of Attraction but it took him saying it a few times for me to get the full impact of what he was saying.

I looked back on my own life over the last few months and I remembered the times when I was totally obsessed with the news and everything Trump.  I obsessively listened to NPR and read the Palmer Report multiple times a day.  All the negatively and animosity and anxiety I was feeling towards Trump was spilling into other areas of my life.  Work wasn’t going well.  I was negative everywhere.

And I remember when I made the shift and decided to be more positive.  Without even making a conscious decision I started listening to more music instead of NPR.  I started to read books and write my blog instead of read Palmer Report.  I started to do well at work.  Really REALLY well.  As an example, our quota is 9 sales per month, the next person behind me did 11, I did 21 deals.  The next person behind me did about $3,000,000 in volume, I did $11,000,000.  (no, that’s not my commission, just to illustrate the difference)

And the only thing I can attribute to the change was a slight change in attitude.  I was thinking more positively.  I was feeling more positive.  I was getting more positive results.  Positive energy begets positive energy begets positive results.

Now that’s not to say I don’t care about the direction our country is going in, I do.  But I’m now focused on what I *do* want instead of what I don’t want.

So when he repeated to me about the fourth time that instead of all of these details we were trying to agree or disagree on, we should focus on the Law of Attraction which we both believe in and have seen work with great success.

He’s completely right.  We as individuals need to focus on what we really do want.  Whether that be the ability to enjoy vacations with our family.  Whether that be to have good health care for ourselves, our  family and our country.  Whatever it is that you *do* want, focus there, and you’ll start to see your world change.  When your world changes, you’ll be able to start to impact others, and the Butterfly Effect will be in motion.

If you want Peace on Earth, you must first create Peace within yourself.

You can do that with the Law of Attraction.

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