Guapcoin now accepted on the beautiful Island of Martha’s Vineyard At Sarah Brown’s, Oak Bluff’s Comfort Food

Founder of Guapcoin Tavonia Evans is very proud to see that Guapcoin is now accepted on the beautiful Island of Martha’s Vineyard at the delicious Sarah Brown’s, Oak Bluff’s Comfort Food Restaurant. Guapcoin is “The Cryptocurrency For the Culture, The Real Black Dollar.”

Tavonia Evans and Guapcoin are featured in Black Enterprise.

Martha’s Vineyard is a haven for the well travelled, affluent, Black population and a premier vacation destination for the Black elite. On any given day you might talk to Cheryl Hall, a Black Woman who owns a huge contracting company, and the next morning you might do Tai Chi with Shaka Georges of Circle Fitness, and later that afternoon find yourself sitting at the Gazebo listening to Henry Louis Gates Jr. give a lecture.

There is a plethora of Black professionals who work as authors, lawyers, doctors or actors who have made Martha’s Vineyard their home away from home. Barack Obama is amongst one of the many renowned Blacks who happens to own a home here, and as you may already know, Spike Lee has filmed here and been spotted multiple times over the years.

It is a playground for the rich and famous, yet modest enough for everyone to enjoy

Okolo has been coming here his whole life and feels quite at home. Since we’ve been together I’ve also come to feel at home as well.

Patricia Sunshine and Okolo

It is with this backdrop that, “Cryptocurrency for the Culture, The Real Black Dollar”, was launched to benefit Black people and used by All.

Guapcoin is a cryptocurrency that is already acting as real Money and can be purchased on the exchange. The Founder of Guapcoin is Tavonia Evans, an African American computer Technologist with 8 children. She and Okolo have been working together for over 20 years, and working on Guap together from the beginning.

The first store to transact major parts of their business accepting Guap is the Black owned online Key Bookstore at Owner Khamani Harrison has already kicked her marketing into high gear to let people know she accepts Guap. “The Key Bookstore is an interactive online bookstore with the Mission to encourage the community to bask in the reading culture experience.”

Khamani Harrison, owner of The Key Bookstore on the right

We now also have our first brick and mortar business accepting Guapcoin, Sarah Brown’s, Oak Bluff’s Comfort Food, a Black Owned Soul Food Restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard. Mark this day, this restaurant will become a Historic Site.

Sarah Brown’s Oak Bluff’s Comfort Food

Kenneth Brown is the owner of Sarah Brown’s. When we shared our vision with him he wanted to be a part, and we are very honored to have him aboard.

He is definitely a savvy business owner who is studious, well informed and does his research. He knows how to identify a good opportunity when he sees one.

Using his gifts and talents and his love for cooking, he has the pleasure of enjoying this great homestyle restaurant with an upscale modern flair. It is this philosophy that I have grown to love. Do what you enjoy, what you were sent here to do, and the world will be your oyster.

With warm and friendly Southern Homestyle cooking, Sarah Brown’s Restaurant is a must visit when you go to Martha’s Vineyard.

Patricia Sunshine, Kenneth Brown and Okolo

Waiting for the first meal.

The first meal arrives.

It is perfectly positioned in the heart and soul of Oak Bluffs, a brief walk to The Inkwell where the “Polar Bears” swim and conveniently and strategically located on the busiest street on the Island.

We believe that Food is the center of most gatherings and where people and souls connect. Of all the potential businesses on Martha’s Vineyard we chose this restaurant to be the starting place because of its connection to the food that touches our souls.

Sarah Brown’s is a restaurant named after an African-American woman and honors The Ancestors, the roots of our culture. Kenneth is honoring The Ancestors by sharing his Love Filled cooking with the world. We are honoring our Ancestors by generating a form of currency that will create wealth and will serve to fulfill America’s duty of reparations, by doing it ourselves. Our 400 years is up.

Sarah Brown and son Kenneth Brown
Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Collard Greens, Cornbread and Potato Salad
Sarah Brown’s Ambience
Sarah Brown’s Ambience
Sarah Brown’s Ambience
Sarah Brown’s Ambience

Utilizing the prayers and wishes of The Ancestors of all Black people, the first Black Cryptocurrency was born. This has been a spiritual mission to make amends, restore the Black community, inspire entrepreneurship and awaken cultural and insightful gifts. Guapcoin will restore wealth to those who were forced to toil without proper compensation.

In honor of all of the Descendants of the African Diaspora, we give homage to Our Ancestors with an offering of this ceremonial first meal. Making this restaurant a place of nourishment for not only our bodies, but our souls as well!

By making the pilgrimage to the beautiful Island of Marthas Vinyard to dine and commune, we recognize it as a gathering place for Black entrepreneurs, professional, students, All.

If you would like to become a Guapcoin holder and/or have a business that you would like to accept Guapcoin as a method of payment, we would definitely love to welcome you to the Guapcoin family!

Guapcoin is also currently looking for its first Black Celebrity Endorsement. Will it be you? This is History in the making. Spike Lee is the obvious choice. Help us find him.

You can buy Guapcoin on or you can work with us at Circle Financial and we can make the purchases for you. Here are some short videos on how to purchase Guapcoin.

Circle Financial, your Holistic Financial Services Firm which includes a Guapcoin recommendation for every portfolio

Come join us on Martha’s Vineyard and bring your Guapcoin.

Patricia Sunshine and Okolo

By Patricia Sunshine of Elite Couples for Life

Edited by Okolo of Elite Couples for Life – 508.233.3911 – 508.233.3911

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