Red Vibora

Many people have a deep seated fear of snakes.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a lesson in fear.

My snake is the most docile and friendly snake there can be. She’s *NEVER* bitten anyone, even when being handled by my less than gentle daughters and their friends. (Children aren’t as afraid of snakes as adults, it seems). And even if she did somehow bite someone, she’s not poisonous and it would barely hurt. She doesn’t have much for teeth.

So imagine someone (you?) has a fear of snakes and somehow I’m able to convince you that my snake won’t hurt you (because she won’t).

You hold her and realize that this deep seated fear you have is all in your head.

This is true of all fears.

Fear is *the* greatest barrier to success and happiness.

Let it go.

Go find a snake to hold (one where the owner says he/she is friendly) and get rid of that fear.

Let go of your fears and face them head on, go and live your dreams, you already know what they are and if you follow them and let go of the fear, they will all come true.

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