The True Meaning of Grand Rising

Egiptian Neter (God) Min

As with most things, there is an exoteric and an esoteric meaning.

Exoteric is the understanding that everyone has and is told/taught, the knowledge the lay person has. Esoteric is the hidden or spiritual meaning. The true meaning.

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As above so below.

Many know that the vibration of the words “good morning” is one of sadness because morning carries the same vibration as the word mourning. For this reason many people say Grand Rising because it has a positive and life affirming vibration. Something that makes you *want* to get up and start your day. Ok, exoteric taken care of.

From an esoteric sense, it is referring to the rising of a man’s phallus as he wakes up or “rises” in the morning.

Sex, sexuality, and sexual energy were all central focuses of our cultures and sciences and “religions.” You could even argue they were *the* focus.

When you look at an obelisk like the Washington monument or the many in Egypt standing today, when you look at the steeple of a Church, or the minaret of a Mosque, all of these are phallic symbols. The dome of a Cathedral and the dome of a Mosque are representative of breasts.

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Spiritual Science of Sex (SSS)

So I mentioned SSS, what is that?

First, when you look at the letters, what do you see? Snakes? Dollar signs? Well, both perhaps could be clues to what SSS is.

SSS stands for the Spiritual Science of Sex.

These are ancient secrets that have been passed down through the ages and until recently have not been available to the public.

Today these practices can still be found in the tradition of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, and what some call Sexual Kung Fu. It is this last one which is the basis for SSS.

While these traditions were kept within the Chinese culture, their origins are much older. Sexuality was an integral part of Ancient Egyptian mystery schools, one need not look any further than the God Min to see that.

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