Hold Your Head Up High

My mother used to always tell me to hold my head up high, shoulders back, stop slouching.

Recently my Twin Flame Patricia Sunshine told me the same thing.

I’m stubborn, so I didn’t immediately listen to my mother. (she told me this over 30 years ago..)

But something about the Twin Flame relationship has made me listen to Patricia.

Something so seemingly small as standing up straight has an immediate impact on my self-confidence. Continue reading

Out of the Darkness

Before there was light there was Darkness. Darkness isn’t bad or evil, it was just first, before the statement “Let there be light.”

Bad times in our lives are often called periods of Darkness, perhaps they are better called periods of rebirth. Where we once again emerge out of the Darkness.

Well, I’ve slowly been coming out of such a period.

For those who know me personally none of what I’m going to share is new, but it will certainly be new Continue reading