100K Nubians to $100K Income

Nubian-New Being

100K Nubians to $100K Income is a program launched by Circle Financial that aims to empower the Nubian community by providing training and resources to obtain financial freedom for All by having one member of each family to become successful life insurance agents. The program’s ultimate goal is to help 100K Nubians¬†reach an annual income of $100K, which would not only benefit the community financially, but also create Generational Wealth through life insurance.¬†

The program will provide comprehensive training and support to help agents reach their full earning potential, while also providing valuable financial education and resources to the Nubian community.

The expected revenue from the program is significant, with commission income from life insurance sales projected at $10 billion, premiums from new policies at $1 billion, recurring income from policyholder dividends and interest at $500 million, and additional income from riders and living benefits at $250 million. This brings the total projected revenue to $12 billion. This revenue can be used to further support the Nubian community through various initiatives and programs.

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