100 Books “N” Barbershops Tour Across America

The 100 Books “N” Barbershops Tour Across America is a financial literacy program aimed at improving the lives of black and brown communities. The program places 100 books in barbershops that inspire wealth-building, family strengthening, and prison diversion, with the goal of reducing poverty, crime, and STDs, and turning fathers towards their children. The barbershops serve as a community hub where people can gather, and the books are used as a tool for barbers to provide value to their patrons and earn extra revenue. The program also includes art exhibits, book readings, and benefit parties to bring the community together and promote a new agenda of caring, recommitting to children, and becoming a new kind of man. The ultimate goal is to keep young black and brown men out of the criminal justice system, show them there is another way, and motivate them to use their gifts and abilities to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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