Word is Bond

Lesson number 1 if we are numbering is really that your word is your bond.

This is *the* most important thing.

If you say you are going to do something or be someplace, do it or be there.  If things change as they do (only constant in the world is change) just update someone.  Let them know you are running late or won’t make it.

Now, before I continue let me give you some background on my use of Scriptures.

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Lessons you are trying to teach people are usually the lessons you need to learn.

I wrote a post about coaching from the sidelines and then I realize I’m doing the same thing.

I was at a soccer game this weekend and I not only coached from the sidelines but I yelled at the ref.


Okay, lesson learned.

Master Kim’s Lesson

Master Kim was a 9th degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Doe.  A small but powerful Korean man he was graceful, elderly and wise.  He immediately became one of my idols.
The first time I met him he read my palm and asked me directly and forcefully whether I was going to finish this, whether I was going to get my Black Belt.
Of course I said yes and I started Tae Kwan Doe where I had left off with Mr. McDuffy my former Instructor.  (remember to ask about Mr. McDuffy, great instructor)

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