Twin Flame

There is this concept in the Universe called a Twin Flame. This is a single flame put into two different souls. They spend many lifetimes trying to find each other, and when they do sparks often fly and it usually only works in one of their last lifetimes on earth.

What makes this different from a soul mate is a soul mate can be a sibling, friend, lover, or really anyone, a Twin Flame is always romantic.

I can attest that for me the concept is real and I have found my Twin Flame in Patricia Sunshine.

Three Signs You’ve Found your Twin Flame

Twin Flames Amunet Ra and Amun Ra.

Hold Your Head Up High

My mother used to always tell me to hold my head up high, shoulders back, stop slouching.

Recently my Twin Flame Patricia Sunshine told me the same thing.

I’m stubborn, so I didn’t immediately listen to my mother. (she told me this over 30 years ago..)

But something about the Twin Flame relationship has made me listen to Patricia.

Something so seemingly small as standing up straight has an immediate impact on my self-confidence. Continue reading


Red Vibora

Many people have a deep seated fear of snakes.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a lesson in fear.

My snake is the most docile and friendly snake there can be. She’s *NEVER* bitten anyone, even when being handled by my less than gentle daughters and their friends. (Children aren’t as afraid of snakes as adults, it seems). And even if she did somehow bite someone, she’s not poisonous and it would barely hurt. She doesn’t have much for teeth. Continue reading

Listen to your Gut

Listen to your gut
Listen to the voice within
Just do what you know you are supposed to do.

Three different ways to say the same thing.

Oh if only we could learn that lesson. How much easier would our lives be.

There’s that moment before every decision when you know what the right decision is and you sometimes (often? Always?) choose the wrong one. Continue reading

Out of the Darkness

Before there was light there was Darkness. Darkness isn’t bad or evil, it was just first, before the statement “Let there be light.”

Bad times in our lives are often called periods of Darkness, perhaps they are better called periods of rebirth. Where we once again emerge out of the Darkness.

Well, I’ve slowly been coming out of such a period.

For those who know me personally none of what I’m going to share is new, but it will certainly be new Continue reading

Ursula Ward

Ursula Ward is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I lived for just over a year on Fayston St in Dorchester, MA until November 2017. Anytime I would tell people where I lived, they would every single time say “oh yeah, Fayston St is much better now, but back in the day…” And then every time I’d get a

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