Interview with Master Gary Clyman – Chi Kung Master

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Gary J. Clyman L.Ac.

Master Gary Clyman was interviewed as a Chi-Kung Master. His website is He has also authored The Chi Kung Bible and the The Nei Kung Bible.

I asked Master Gary Clyman what are the three things he’d like to pass on to the world, and his grandchildren’s grandchildren if he had children, and he said he only needs to share one, “Deservingness.” He said he created this word more than 20 years ago because people were always talking about self-esteem, but there was no real method of increasing self-esteem., and the definition was always different. This bothered him, so he started giving lectures and teaching chi-kung in the early 80s.

He decided there needed to be a better way to build self-esteem. All of the books were bad, none helped anything, so he came up with this new word and included it as part of his chi-kung practice. Thus, deservingness was born.

His definition of deservingness is to be able to accept good things and make good things happen instead of being under the influence of our history. This is what he does in his workshops. At the end of each of his workshops, he said he asks the participants “so what do you all have in common?” And everyone, in unison says “deservingness.”

He says we all have been told “no” so much, that we don’t even expect yes. But he says he was raised differently. He says that his father told him yes. He says his father said to him “I know you haven’t done anything yet, but someday you are going to find something you’ll be really good at.” Wow, what great inspirational words from a father. So many kids grow up with “you’re not special, you don’t deserve.” But, he says, his father knew what he was doing.

He then chuckled and said “I never wanted to do anything.”

Until Martial Arts

He said that people assume that Tai Chi came easily for him. But it didn’t. He just worked harder at it than anyone else. “If you want to become Eric Clapton, or Michael Jordan, you have to develop habits. You need habits that support your goals. You can’t practice three hours a week and expect to get great. He says everything he learned in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Nei Kung he learned in four years. He treated Tai-Chi class like college, and he never had a hard class. He said “If you are willing to do things yourself, above and beyond, then nothing is going to be difficult.”

He and I encourage everyone to start to practice chi-kung off of his website. Your deservingness will immediately start to change. He said to me, “I’ve got the best girlfriend on earth. And you know why? Because I deserve her.”

He’s got 80 videos up there, testimonials, including one from Joe Vitale from “The Secret” and lessons for you to start to learn,

He’s the real deal folks, please check out his site and his products and seminars, and let me know what you think.

I’ll leave you with these quotes:

“Everyone can get it together if they put pressure on themselves.”
“You have to put more pressure on yourself than the world can put on you.”

Here’s a video of Master Clyman talking about an upcoming seminar.

And here’s a video of a testimonial.

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