Martha’s Vineyard Rental

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Newly renovated 5 bedroom house for rent on Martha's Vineyard.  Colonial Dr, Vineyard Haven, down the street from Cronigs Market on State Rd. Perfect for a large family or family plus in-laws. Not perfect for teenage partiers, it is on a quiet residential street.  Kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and three bedrooms upstairs.  Deck with access from the kitchen and dining room. Large family room, bathroom and two bedrooms downstairs.  Configuration: One bedroom with Queen.  One bedroom with Full One bedroom with two twins which can be combined into King One ...


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There are times when you just have to grind it out. You've got to stay up late night after night to get it done. Tonight's one of those nights. Working on Wuleeb ( Marketing Plan.

Stock Tip: Herbalife HLF

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Shoot, it has already bounced from when I first saw it, but now is the time to buy Herbalife. HLF Current price 32.73 I'd inch my way into a position in case it re-tests the low on Dec 17, 2012 of 27.27. I'd put a stop 5-10% below 27.27, depending on your tolerance for pain. Okolo

The Age of Feminine Energy is Coming Back

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For approximately the past 6000 years the world has lived under a patriarchal system of male or yang energy. We are moving into a world where more balance will come, and the woman (yin energy) will be in her rightful place as equal partner. It is no coincidence that one of the major figures in Ancient Egypt was Isis (Aset), mother to Horus (Heru) and wife of Osiris (Ausar) , and that  today, one of the major terrorist organizations is named  ISIS. You've got the Goddess Isis who ...

Vision Board

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Here are pictures of my Vision Board. I read and look at it every day.  The people pictured are people I will work with.  The words are words, some of the most powerful things on earth.  (For Bible readers, head over to John 1:1)

You are a Creator

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Take responsibility for every little thing that has happened in your life. The good take ownership of and be proud of, but especially the bad and the ugly, accept that you created that experience in your life for a reason. Bad experiences are usually life lessons. If you are stuck in the same pattern, there's a lesson you aren't learning. Look at the situation, try to learn from it so you can move on to the next class/grade/degree whatever... YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM!!! You are ...

Manic Depression

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Manic Depression's touching my soul, I know what I want, but I just don't know how to go about getting it. Manic Depression's a frustrating mess. Jimi Hendrix - "Manic Depression." Anyone who's ever suffered from Manic Depression or as it is often called Bi-Polar Disorder can relate to these verses. My journey with bipolar began when I was 15 years old.  I went days without sleep, I had grandiose thoughts, I was paranoid, racing thoughts, I couldn't stop talking, I remember writing and writing and writing, who knows what (wonder ...

Rock Bottom

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Part II Are you currently at your Rock Bottom? Do you remember being there? Do you still feel it is ahead of you? Well, here's a little glimpse into my rock bottom which happened in around 2009/2010.  This was just after I was homeless sleeping in my car, I was staying in a foreclosed house, and I was unemployed.  What I'm about to show is very personal and I've always known I would share it, but I just didn't know when would be the right be time. ...

Can The Cards Tell You Your Destiny?

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My opinions of and interactions with Astrology have been limited. I've taken note that I'm an Aries, but I rarely as in basically never read my horoscope. It isn't that I would say I don't believe in it, I've just not formed much of an opinion either way. I've been to a psychic once and she said some things that turned out to be true, others I'm not sure on. But... I was reading someone else's FB page (Heka Activated) and they were talking about Destiny Cards. ...

Old Comments

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Wow, I just went through some old comments from 2011 and 2012 that I hadn't ever seen. I'm sorry that I stopped following up/through with this Blog. But now I'm back. Happy New Year, 2015 is going to be an AMAZING year. Come along for the ride if you can hold on.

Hello again

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I've been under a rock for a while and I'm now emerging. More to write soon, but just saying hi right now. Here's a recent picture of me giving an award to a branch manager at work. More on what I'm doing now later too.. In the mean time check out and . Okolo

Inspiring Youth

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I'll be at a career fair today talking about my work as the owner of a small business, my web development business, but I'll also be there to inspire them. I'll talk about reaching for their dreams, visualizing themselves in the roles they want to play, and moving forward with focus and drive. This is my first forray into motivational speaking, wish me luck.